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“Yo Germany!”  

Germany slid from under the SUV he was working on. The boss was standing above him his hands on his hips and a smudge of grease on his forehead, like all the workers. “Yeah, Boss?” he asked. He sat up on his board, his arms resting on his knees and leaning forward slightly. His strands of his blonde hair fell in his face.

“Want you to meet the new recruit.” The boss grinned and called back behind him, “Hey (y/n) come meet our top worker!”

Germany leaned forward and peered around the boss to see the new guy…. but it wasn’t a guy. It was girl. She walked forward glancing around her. She wore oil green shorts with a white belt, a black tank top, brown combat boots, and her hair in a ponytail. Germany stood up, but nearly fell back down, he straighten and swallowed.  “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Germany.” He stuck out his hand, but only after he removed his brown work gloves.

“Name’s (______)” you stuck out your hand. Germany was surprised to feel the strong grip.

“Kay.” Said the boss eyeing you two. “Now that your familiar with each other I’ll leave you be.” He walked back to his office, but turned back and winked at Germany. Germany stared at him in horror and disbelief.

“So” you interrupted Germany’s train of thought, “Where do we begin?”

“What? Oh here.” He lead you to the car next to him and showed you were everything was. “Here” He handed you a tool belt. “It’s the official mark. Welcome aboard.” As he hand you the belt your hands brushed and you both looked away blushing. You hooked the belt and put the necessary tools in the pockets. You glanced at each other before each going to your own car to work.

Several Hours Later

You and Germany were the last ones in the shop and it was getting dark.  You both meet at the sinks. Germany had just finished and you began scrubbing the grease off you hands. Germany cleared his throat and you looked up. He was slightly pink and was looking at his shoes, “I heard you were new in town.” He muttered.

“Yeah.” You said drying you hands on a near by towel.

“Well I was wondering if you’d have dinner with me…. so you could get to know the town.” He added.

You stared at him and then said, “I’d love to.” He looked rather relived, “But” you said and he looked a little worried, “I don’t know if I’m dressed right for such a thing.” He glanced at your clothes, now spotted with oil and grease.

“Well I guess, I’m not either.” He said smiling slightly.

“How about I meet you in about an hour?”

“Sure thing.” He said quickly.

“Um…Where are we going again?”

“Oh! Is the restaurant on the corner of 2nd okay?”

“I don’t know is it good?”

“Pretty good.”

“Then it’s a date.” You winked and grabbed your jacket and was out the door before Germany could register what you had said…. of course I took him a few minutes to get his bearings and get his coat to go home.

An Hour in Front of the Restaurant

You stood in the small lobby like area waiting for the waiter to show you to a table. You weren’t looking at each other. Germany was wearing a white dress shirt with the sleeves casually rolled up and a pair of brown slacks. You wore a light blue dress your friend had given you and you had never imaged you’d wear. Both of your cheeks were pink and each was trying not to stare at the other.

Finally the waiter said, “Please come this way.” He led you to a table snuggled in a corner.  He had the menu and setting ready. After a few minutes you had both decided and order.

After a few minutes of awkward silence you started to doodle on the table. The table had a sheet of butcher paper and a small cup of worn down crayons. You looked up and saw Germany watching you. You blushed and put down a red crayon quickly, “Sorry.” You said blushing again.

“No, no!” he said, “It was very interesting to watch…. I mean if I tried it’d look horrible.”

You smiled and said, “show me.” You handed him a green crayon and you spent the rest of the evening laughing at each other’s doddles and only stopping to eat.

Soon the night was over. “I’ll wait outside.” You said while Germany paid the bill (he wouldn’t even let you touch it), “For a bit of fresh air.” You added. He nodded and you went outside. Once out you leaned against a street lamp breathing in the cool, crisp air.

You stared at the stars and it wasn’t until to late did you notice a hand around your mouth. Strong arms wrapped around you and dragged you into a dark alley. You tried to fight against your captors, but it was useless. You heard them say something and you braced yourself. Nothing happened and you opened your eyes and glanced behind you. A man with a black knit hat over his face held you tightly, but his eyes had fear in them. You didn’t understand until you looked past him. Behind him stood a very angry Germany.

“Don’t move unless you want a bullet though the head,” he growled.  The man holding you let go and put his hands in the air. You scurried away and turned to see the man quivering with Germany behind him pointing something to the back of your captor’s head.  “Get out of here now and don’t come back.” Germany hissed in his ear. The man yelped and ran off not looking back.

You stared at Germany. “H-How did you?”

“You weren’t there so I came looking for you. I know the owner of this place and he left though the back.”

“The gun?” you stammered. Germany held up what he was holding. It was a small portable screwdriver. “What?!” you gasped.

“Just in case of emergencies.” He said pocketing it.

You smiled and brushed off your dress, “Well thank you my knight in shining armor.” You said curtsying.

He smiled and bowed, “May I have the honor of walking the princess home?”

“Of course strong sir.” You grinned. You both started laughing again and you hooked your arm in his and setting off.

At your Door

“Well good night (y/n).” Germany said about to leave. Before he did you bent down (you were on the top step) and kissed his cheek. He froze and stared startled at you.

You turned and walked though the door. Before you closed the door all the way, you said, “I’ll be expecting you to come and save me anytime.” You winked and closed the door.
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